Making Noni juice is so simple and easy, we don't know why everyone doesn't do it this way. While Noni profiteers (those who inflate the price of inferior watered-down products) claim proprietory ownership, special formulas, or unique manufacturing processes, we here at NoniConnection continue to make pure Hawaiian Puna Noni juice in the simple, time-proven way of our ancestors.

The Noni plant grows all over Hawaii. Many Hawaiian families have a Noni tree growing right in their yard, and make their own Noni juice at home. In Hawaii, making Noni juice is not a big secret, and it's not even very complicated.

Here's how it's done: Pick the fruit when it is fully ripe, but before it starts to turn white. Wash the fruits, then let them dry outside in the sun. Within hours the fruits will turn translucent, the flesh will soften and you will begin to smell the characteristically foul odor of Noni. That's when the fruit is ready to be packed into a sterile container.

We use huge, 250 gallon food-grade fermentation tanks, but a large mayonnaise jar will work, too. Allow the fruit to ferment for 6 to 8 weeks. The longer the fruit ferments, the stronger it will taste, and the darker will be its color.

During this time, the juice begins to seep out naturally from the fruit. By the end of the aging period, the contents of the jar will look quite disgusting. Simply strain the juice from the pulp, and refrigerate. Then drink an ounce each day for optimum health and vitality!

There, we've shared our secret. Now anyone can make their own Noni juice and enjoy the wonderful health benefits of this gift of Nature.