All Prices Now Include FREE FedEx 2nd DAY AIR Shipping
NOTE: Continental USA Customers Only

To keep matters simple, our prices now include FREE FedEx 2nd Day Air shipping. We agreed to ship exclusively with FedEx in return for a great discount. And because we know that shipping from Hawaii is expensive, and want to keep your costs low, we have passed this discount along to you! Basically what this means is your juice is delivered in just TWO DAYS for the cost of Ground Service!

Damaged Packages

Your order should arrive in 2 business days. So if a week has gone by and you're still waiting for your package, or if your order arrives damaged, please contact us right away so that we can send a replacement. 

Remember: No matter how carefully we package your order, under certain conditions, some damage may occur.

Order Tracking

Did you know that you can now track your package online? Simply Click the MY ACCOUNT link at the top of every page!

The Puna Noni Money Back Guarantee

Our Bullet-Proof, No Hassle, No Pilikia* If You-Don't-Like-It, Send-It-Back Absolutely 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
(How many ways are there to explain this unreal policy?)

Simply stated, our return policy puts your needs ahead of our own. If Noni juice is not for you, or you are dissatisfied in any way, shape, or form, simply return any unused portions to us for a full refund. All return shipments for refund are at the customers expense.

Try that with the Tahitian/Morinda empire/conglomerate! Or anyone else, for that matter!

And if by chance, (because, after all, we're only human) we screw up* your order, we promise to go out of our way to correct it promptly and to make up for any inconvenience we may inadvertently have caused.

* pilikia: A Hawaiian word that means problem or trouble.

* screw up: An English phrase that means "to make a mistake, to err, falter, transgress, or miscalculate; to become discombobulated in reference to one's assigned task thereunto, i.e. screw-up."