Puna Noni Juice 1 gal - Backordered until March 21st

Puna Noni Juice 1 gal - Backordered until March 21st

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Pure Hawaiian Puna Noni juice. Aged to perfection. No flavors, preservatives, or dilutants of any kind. Not even a single drop of water is added to our noni juice.

Refrigerate after opening. Store unopened bottles away from direct sunlight, in cool, dry place. The shelf life of unopened bottles is 2 years or more.

The 1 gallon Bomboola is the economy size, perfect for big families, or friends who are sharing a case order. The gallon gives you the most bang for your buck. Plastic bottles weigh less and are cheaper to ship. One gallon will last the average person approx 4 months. The 4 gallon case will last more than a year.

Caution: The gallon bottles are heavy, and so they might not be the best choice for the elderly. Also, they will take up room in your refrigerator.

Recommended dosage: 1 oz (2T) daily, one half-hour before meals. Increase or decrease dosage as needed.

Ingredients: 100% Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice