Hawaiian Stamped Mango Soap 4pk

Hawaiian Stamped Mango Soap 4pk

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Now enjoy our wonderful handmade soap formula with Hawaiian Stamps (assorted). Great as gifts or just to remind you of Hawaii.

Skin Rejuvenation Formula

Two of Mother Nature’s most precious gifts—Coconut and Noni—blended with other natural ingredients and vitamin rich oils to create a refreshing, rejuvenating and moisturizing soap. Lather up and bathe in the freshness of Hawaii!

This product is:

·         100% Biodegradable (safe for rivers, lakes and streams)

·         Packaging from 100% recycled paper

·         Synthetic Free and Fragrance Free

·         All Vegan

·         Organic Scents

·         Gluten Free and Soy Free

·         Fair Trade

·         Made with Sustainable Palm Oil and/or Coconut Oil Resources


Saponified oils of Coconut, Palm, Rice Bran

Olive, Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut, Stearic Acid,  Noni Oil, 

Mango  Scented Oil*, Natural Mica Colorant

*  = Certified Organic