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Our Noni capsules are made from 100% whole ripe noni fruit that has been dehydrated, pulverized into a powder, then placed into pure veggie capsules made from all plant matter.

There are no fillers, stabilizers, or preservatives in our capsules. Nothing but noni is our motto.

Both our capsules and juice are pure noni--the only difference is the juice is fermented, while the capsules are made from whole ripe fruit. Capsules are a great alternative for people who can't tolerate the taste of noni juice

Capsules are cheapest to ship because all the water weight has been removed. Thus they are in great demand from our overseas customers.

Recommended dosage: 2 capsules, per day, one half hour before meals. Increase or decrease dosage as needed.

Ingredients: 100% Dehydrated Organic Noni Fruit Powder, Cellulose (vegetarian capsules) 

Puna Noni Capsules - 625mg - 100ct bottle

SKU: 620100
Expected to ship date July 8
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