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Aloha, family and friends!

My wife and I started Puna Noni 23 yrs ago, when I was still in the fire department. I made Noni juice the traditional Hawaiian way my grandmother Puna taught me. Our small Noni juice venture then turned into a full time job. Now, with future generations growing up and running the business, it has turned into a lifestyle brand, Puna Noni Naturals.
Puna also taught me that we should project aloha through our words and deeds, and to be guided by the spirit of God that flows through everyone. She also used to say that obstacles are God’s way for us to evolve. Recently, our small business suffered a terrible warehouse fire; a set back that nearly crushed our family. But we will use this obstacle to rebuild and come back even stronger than before. Because to us, Puna Noni Naturals is not just a business…

It is our family legacy. 

What's Available

At this time, we're limited to a few products and options.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we will not be back in full force for some time, and this is what we can offer. Please click on the product to order, the link below to be taken directly to our products page or scroll back to the top and click on our Shop for more options.

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